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Which foam do I need?

First you should measure the base area of your transport box (such as Zarges, Sortimo, L-Boxx, Peli-Case etc.), your suitcase or the box. Depending on whether you want to insert the insoles properly or remove them (in layers), it makes sense to add a few centimetres to the inside dimensions so that your hands can easily remove the foam from the sides. Basically, however, we would rather use a little more than less material, as the foam can be shortened at any time.

Our Pick and Pluck foam is available in various thicknesses. Depending on the surface area, we offer panel heights from 5 mm up to 100 mm.

How does Pick and Pluck foam actually "work" and how can I process it?

The individual foam sheets are square punched or cut from top to bottom. Small webs (between 1-2 mm) are not removed, so that the complete plate holds together. However, the bars are only so strong that you can simply pluck out the individual squares. This makes it easy to model the desired shape from the base. The grid is not divided vertically. This means that it is not possible to model a 3D shape from a plate. If a three-dimensional shape is required, it is modeled from several less high grid plates.

We have different grids:

10.0 mm x 10.0 mm fine grid 
12.5 mm x 12.5 mm
14.0 mm x 14.0 mm
15.0 mm x 15.0 mm
20,0 mm x 20,0 mm

Simple rule: The larger the part to be packed / stored, the larger the grid should be.

Another relevant criterion to consider is the amount of the individual inlays.

First the required total height should be determined.
The next step is to consider whether the entire height is to be achieved by means of one or more grid mats laid one on top of the other. Of course, this also depends on the individual application - a guide value cannot be given here.
Depending on the nature of the box, the case or the box, it is advisable to place a foam floor under the actual foam grid insert. You will find blanks in different heights for all sizes. The foam blanks can be used as cover or base.

If necessary, the raster foam can also be cut with very sharp knives, preferably with serrated edge.